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Day 26: My Religious Beliefs

I’m honestly more spiritual than religious. I don’t attend church. I don’t label myself as Buddhist, Catholic or Islamic. I believe that there is a higher power up there, someone or something we can refer to as God, that is the origin of everything, though not in the ways some religions would have you believe. (if you don’t believe in God, but you do believe in logic, google proof of God’s existence. It’s logically proven. Crazy)

I was raised with some major bias though. My mom never told me outright she was Buddhist, but she did grow up in a culture that heavily favored that religion, and it colored her lessons to me as a child. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, and wouldn’t realize it until my World Religions class, a lot of my beliefs stemmed from a Buddhist foundation.

My dad on the other hand took me to church a lot when I was young. I’ve been in some type of religious schooling my whole life. Even now I’m at a Catholic college. My grandfather was a Christian pastor, and the lessons taught from the Bible have been taught to me over and over… and over.

Hell, both my grandfathers were religious leaders in their communities. Religion is a large foundation from both sides of my family.

You could say I’m an amalgam of a plethora of different religious teachings, I’d be slightly impressed with your vocabulary. If you could say it out loud five times fast I’d be very impressed! But that’s besides the point. 

I’m spiritual. No religion per se. I’m still exploring the teachings, and I want a broader understand before I stand under the flag of any one religion, if I ever decide to do that at all. Until that day, I’m content to learn, and to question the things I need to.

Always in the search of truth.


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